We all buy gas, groceries, clothes and go out to eat.  Now you can fundraise while doing your everyday shopping!  

Simply use the Shop Local App to Shop, Scan and Give to your favorite Non Profit!


The Shop Local Give Back program is a FREE Mobile App based scrip program (without the hassle of gift cards) that allows supporters to shop local and raise money for non-profits.  Local non-profits drive their supporters to the local businesses that actually support them, providing continuous new streams of customers for local business… Creating a more sustainable community!

Benefits to Businesses:

Tired of paying for advertising and crossing your finger that it will bring you business? This Cause Marketing program is designed so that you only pay after you get a sale!

  • It’s a great way to not only get more customers in the door, but also create very loyal customers!
  • Nonprofits already have their supporters on board, you just need to pledge to Give Back to recieve their business!
  • Support your Customers. They support you!
  • Now you can say “Yes” to everyone asking for donations!
  • Plus, 91% of customers choose a brand that is socially responsible.
  • No changes to in-store equipment or procedures – App users simply scan their receipt
  • Monthly transaction reports that allow you to track all your program sales by customer
  • Automatically tracks your “giving history” for all your customers to see

Benefits to Non Profits:

  • This fundraising tool costs $0!
  • It’s easier, saves time and money vs other scrip programs.
  • We provide marketing materials and a success guide.

Benefits to the Community:

This program helps the local economy by incentivizing consumers to buy local while promoting positive social impact.

  • Local Businesses will see an increase in business & loyal customers!
  • Cause minded shoppers can support their favorite nonprofits every time they shop local!
  • NonProfits can add a new & easy fund stream!

 Contact us if you’d like someone to stop in at your business.
920-470-7438 or info@shoplocalcommunities.com


How It Works


Businesses agree to give back a percentage of their sales to their customers chosen nonprofit organizations.

Businesses encourage current and new customers to participate in the program while nonprofits drive their supporters to participating businesses.

Our partner HuTerra, tracks program sales; shares transaction details with participating businesses; and calculates rewards. Businesses are invoiced for pledged funds which are then distributed to their customers chosen nonprofit organizations.


Nonprofits begin to engage their supporters by claiming their listing.


Once claimed, Nonprofits can share details of the program with their supporters. The more supporters shop local, the more nonprofits earn!

HuTerra will track sales and distribute funds earned by supporters to nonprofits. The nonprofit’s mission becomes stronger as local support drives its success.


Supporters shop at business that give back a percentage of sales to their customers chosen nonprofit(s) via the Shop Local Mobile App.

Supporters scan their receipts in the app. HuTerra will keep track of scanned receipts and invoice businesses for the percentage they have pledged to give back.

HuTerra validates the receipts, calculates rewards and distributes pledged funds to the supporter’s favorite nonprofit organizations.